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As it’s the new year I’m sure many will be starting, or getting back into getting fit and generally trying to look and feel better after all their hard earned feasting over the Xmas period. Not that I indulged too much myself, but I did let my hair down a few days over Xmas and have a few drinks here and there and the odd takeaway and chocolate, (we are all human!).

Anyway, I’m hoping to compete at the end of April and thought I would blog a few thing here and there. One, for me to look back on. And two, for anyone else who cares to take an interest. So basically I jumped into prep mode yesterday (3/1/16 Sunday), which gives me exactly 16 weeks to shift some body fat. Yesterday was a rest day, and my rest days as of now are low days consisting of just protein and fats. Training days are a lot different, my meal plan at the moment for training days is;

Meal 1 – 4 whole eggs, 6g coconut oil, 25g protein from whey isolate.

Meal 2 – 250g 10% lean mince and veg.

Meal 3 – 50g protein from isolate 75g oats 35g blueberries (blended shake)

Meal 4 – 250g chicken breast 1 wholemeal wrap, 100g sweet potato.

Pre work out around about 90min before training – 250g Turkey 25g coconut oil.

Intra workout – 10-15g eaa’s, 100g highly branched cyclic dextrin, 5g creatine, 5g Beta-Alinine & 7g citrulline mallate.

Post workout 60min after training – 50g whey isolate, 4 scotch pancakes, 50g jam, 100g low fat granola & 25g carbs either from grapes or pineapple

Supplements (per day)- 1 x good, strong multi-vitamin | 3000mg vitamin c | 3000mg omega 3 oil | 1000mg curcumin | 4 capsules of Enhance

Training split for the last 24 weeks has been legs – push – pull – off – upper – lower – off, with the main focus on progressive overload. Either trying to increase the weight used each and every session without sacrificing form, or just simply getting more reps than what I did last time. I will continue to do this right up to the show as it will ensure no muscle is lost while we diet down.

I don’t get why you hear people preaching “light weight, high reps when you are cutting”. That’s a one-way ticket to muscle loss in my opinion. What got you the muscle in the first place will ensure it stays there when you are ready to diet down, its not rocket science. Cardio wise is just 3 x 20 minute sessions on the bike fasted before meal 1, burning around 220kcal. Obviously this will increase as we progress.

I will write a new blog every 3-4 weeks, or when changes get made to keep you up to date. Hopefully with progress pics and some videos.

Keep grinding! and thanks for taking the time to read.

– LAx

by cognizance
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