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When you want to burn fat and achieve that defined look, exercise and nutrition will only get you so far. Thermogenic supplements are a powerful tool that can be the difference between looking good and looking amazing. Study after study has demonstrated the benefits of thermogenic supplements for a successful weight loss.

Not all these supplements are created equal. When you want real results, you need a proven thermogenic that has been shown to work: Introducing Shape Shifter from Cognizance.

Shape Shifter is a revolutionary thermogenic supplement that is designed to boost your metabolism, burn body fat, and suppress appetite… NATURALLY! Containing ONLY scientifically proven ingredients, Shape Shifter is exactly what you need to get the body you want.

Not only can Shape Shifter help you reach your ideal body composition goals, it also contains a number of natural and safe ingredients to support a healthy and happy mindset. Let’s take a look at the breakdown of this ground-breaking supplement.

Citrus Aurantium (350 mg per serving)

Otherwise known as Bitter Orange Extract, this proven fat-burning ingredient contains three powerful tyramine metabolites: N-methyltyramine, Octopamine, and Synephrine. These plant-based compounds possess a number of thermogenic properties that promote:

Increase resting metabolic rate
Support in fat oxidation
Promote post-workout recovery

This study published in the International Journal of Medical Sciences shows that overweight subjects who supplemented with Citrus Aurantium experienced a significant weight loss and increase in RMR.

Green Coffee Extract (10 mg)

Before it is roasted to enjoy with your morning breakfast, the coffee bean is green and possesses a number of thermogenic benefits. Celebrated by trusted nutritional sources and celebrity doctors alike, Green Coffee Extract is a proven way to increase fat burning potential. This anti-oxidant wonder has been shown to do the following:

Significantly increase fat oxidation
Boost overall metabolic rate
Enhance a healthy weight loss

As you’ll see in this study from the Journal of Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Green Coffee Extract was shown to significantly reduce body fat accumulation while improving insulin resistance! In other words, your body will utilize fat as energy and will not store it, resulting in a successful weight loss.

Green Tea Extract (400 mg)

Used in ancient cultures for hundreds of years, green tea is one of the most popular health boosters in the world. Only now is research revealing the true benefits of green tea consumption. Not everyone has time to brew several cups of this powerful fat burner each day. That is where Green Tea Extract can help. This potent extract is a highly concentrated form of green tea, capturing all of its benefits including:

Amplified fat metabolism
Enhanced insulin sensitivity and glucose tolerance
Support in overall health

A study from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition demonstrated the value of Green Tea Extract for fat burning and resting metabolic rate! Subjects supplementing with Green Tea Extract saw an average 17% increase in fat oxidation!

Guarana Extract (10% Caffeine) (100 mg)

Native to Brazil and the Amazon, Guarana is a plant that exploded on to the supplement scene when research discovered its cognitive ability and weight loss benefits. Subjects supplementing with Guarana Extract demonstrated a significant boost in alertness, focus, and processing speed. (5) Combine this heightened mental ability with an increased metabolic rate and what do you get? A super productive day while you burn fat!

Amplifies metabolic rate
Boosts energy
Suppresses appetite

Guarana Extract also contains Caffeine, which is another proven fat burning ingredient. Studies have demonstrated Caffeine to increase fat oxidation, enhance athletic performance, and support an overall healthy mood.

L-Phenylalanine (25 mg)

Although it has been used for years as a natural alternative for depression, modern research has recently discovered the usefulness of L-Phenylalanine as a weight loss supplement. This non-essential amino acid may be a building block for protein but it also acts as a precursor for norepinephrine and epinephrine. These two fight-or-flight hormones provide thermogenic properties to help with your weight loss including:

Appetite suppression
Amplified energy levels
Encouraged positive mood
Support the post-workout recovery process

When supplementing with L-Phenylalanine, users will experience healthy levels of norepinephrine and epinephrine along with a positive mood and outlook.

Niacin (10 mg)

One of the latest crazes in the industry is B-vitamins and with good reason: the B family is critical for your health! Vitamin B3, or Niacin, in particular, is needed for energy conversion, cellular health, and immunity boosting. You will also find Niacin in a number of weight loss supplements because of the vitamin’s ability to enhance energy, boost performance, and utilize fat stores.

Increases fat oxidation
Elevates energy levels
Encourages healthy metabolism

Red Pepper Extract (100 mg)

Also referred to as Cayenne Pepper Extract, this ingredient does more than just spice up your food; it also promotes a thermogenic response in the body. Red Pepper Extract contains a compound called Capsaicin. This little compound supports weight loss in a big way. Aside from promoting energy conversion with body fat, it also provides the following benefits:

Significantly increases fat oxidation
Supports norepinephrine production
Suppresses appetite

A study in the British Journal of Nutrition demonstrated the incredible weight loss effects of Red Pepper Extract with an emphasis on fat oxidation.

Vitamin B6 (5 mg)

Very popular amidst the fitness industry as a post-workout recovery ingredient, Vitamin B6 is also an important tool for a successful weight loss. Vitamin B6 supports over 100 enzyme-based processes including energy production (food into fuel). This micronutrient helps to create serotonin, a proven appetite suppressant and norepinephrine, a hormone with thermogenic properties. Vitamin B6 has also been shown to do the following:

Increase fat metabolism
Encourage the shedding of water weight
Support a healthy mood
Enhance energy conversion process (burning fat for energy)


Shape Shifter is a powerful and proven fat burning supplement that is changing lives across the globe! Proven to support a healthy weight loss, Shape Shifter is also a great way to improve your mood without the cost or risk of prescription medication. Check out these real testimonials from satisfied customers.

“When I first heard about Shape Shifter I was going through a tough time and my weight had spiralled out of control. I started seeing a benefit immediately. My mood improved, I had tons more energy and for the first time in years I was able to come off my anxiety medication. I can’t recommend them enough and I have got all my friends and colleagues using them as well!” – Lisa E, Merthyr Tydfil


If you’re ready to change the way you look, feel, and act, then Shape Shifter from Cognizance is ready to help. This all-natural, completely safe supplement can help anyone achieve a successful weight loss while boosting mood. Experience the difference today with Shape Shifter.


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